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Past, Present, & Future

Prospects Unlimited was established as a corporation in 1996 with a sole telemarketer, working part-time for a single client for 10 hrs per week at $10 per hour. By the end of the year the position was 30 hrs per week. By the end of 1997 a second part-time position was added and rates were increased to $15 per hr. In 1998, another client and another fulltime position was added, and rates were increased to $20 per hr. In 1999, we expect to add another 2 clients and open up 2 more positions and begin billing at $25 per hour. In the year 2000, we expect to add 4 clients, open up 3 more positions, and begin billing at $30 per hour. We're sure you see the implications.

Prospects Unlimited is a business devoted to serving its marketing representatives AND its clients. Our philosophy reflects our roots as a business founded by a longtime telemarketer in response to the poor opportunities offered by other businesses. We feel ALL telemarketing companies will go to admirable lengths to care for its clients - but only a few notable companies make equally strong commitments to their representatives. We are one of those companies.

Our service begins with our representatives. As a result, we don't manually dial the phone, call names on lists of paper, record and file information by hand, work in an uncomfortable, noisy environment, hiring and firing people in droves, and paying about the same as a fast food
position. And our commitment to the opposite of all these things means we look for talented people, give them high expectations and responsibilities, and reward accordingly.

Our service to our our clients begins with providing accurate information in a profitable and timely manner. Our delivery of information is professional and polite. Lastly, we work in a positive, proactive manner on our clients behalf. Maintaining these established standards will become your responsibility, should you work here.

Bringing this together successfully has resulted in our continued fast growth, low client and representative turnover, and increased rewards for all.


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Last modified: January 07, 2002