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Examples of Qualifying

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Too Small Non-Prospects

Too Small Non-Prospects

Duplicated Prospect Businesses

Too Small Non-Prospects

Too Small Non-Prospects

Out-Of-Area Non-Prospects

Happy w/Current Solution - Difficult 

Happy w/ New Accounting Solution

Happy w/Current Solution

Quick Call - Happy w/Current Solution

Happy w/New Upgrade - Long Hold Time

Happy w/New Solution

6 Month Recall - No Needs

Happy w/Current Solution - Long Hold 

Happy w/current Solution

6 Month Recall - No Needs

Wrong Contact - No Needs

Possible Future Lead

6 Month Recall - Future  Needs - Internet Filtering

Happy w/ New Upgrade

School - Happy w/Current Solution

6 Month Recall - New Solution

Documentation Software - Happy

Name Change - No Needs

6 Month Recall - No Needs

Documentatation Software - Happy

Internet Filtering - Happy w/Current Solution

Most contacts do NOT result in reaching a qualified lead!

Reasons include non-prospects, and prospects with no needs or money. Not devoting the resources to qualify prospects can result in over a 50% waste of your marketing dollars!


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Last modified: February 04, 2002