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    1) Prospecting - Identify the right decision makers!

This is identifying who to speak with, how to reach them, where they are located, and so on. We gather, correct, and update information for our clients to support mail, fax, email, sales, and reseller programs. 

Using us is more cost effective than not prospecting, or using your own sales people!

    2) qualifying - Find the needs and timing you want!

This is the process of asking client-supplied questions to identify whether the prospect has needs in a timeframe our client can satisfy. Our clients have markets where only a small percentage will be buying at any given time, and they recognize the need for on-going periodic contact.

 We find the right people, at the right time, who has the bucks! 

    3) SELLING - Get qualified prospects to look at you!

This is presenting information and answering basic questions about our client, their services, and so on. Questions and issues beyond our expertise are referred to our client for followup as they occur. The longer we work on a client project, the more expert we become.

 We get their interest and confidence!

    4) fOLLOWUP - Set the stage for your salespeople!

This is confirming reception of client information and setting the stage for client followup. Typically, we schedule appointments, arrange demos or teleconferences.

  We make closing deals much easier, efficient and effective!

    5) Client Calls - Close 2-way communication!

The unexpected occurs all the time. As the need arises, we offer a close 2-way flow of information to assure quality handling in every situation.

  We provide personal, professional representation!

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